The rules of the house

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The rules of the house

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:46 pm

Welcome to the forum, our goal her is to help others who are considering living in Mexico and believe me, there is a lot to learn but we need some rules.

All one has to do  is look at Playainfo, any of the Chapala forums or to see what has happened to internet forums about Mexico. Playainfo is a gutter of name calling, personal insults, flaming and foul language especially in the "Off Topic" category. is no better, just less foul language but it is mainly antagonistic left wing extremists who openly belittle anyone who does not share their beliefs. Even the moderators whose job it is to keep the forum civil openly insult anyone asking about English speaking churches or other personal beliefs while other moderators "like" the attack. If you want to know what to, or not to do here, just look there and do the opposite. I think that these are mainly a bunch of unhappy old men and women whose only vent are these forums.

Political and religious  discussion are not allowed at this time. There are plenty of other places to bash the candidate of your choice elsewhere and no one is going to suddenly change their political views. Political discussion includes saying anything, even one comment about the current administration or any in the past. Let's keep this place friendly and helpful.

Absolutely no personal attacks  will be tolerated, no insulting other members or name calling, this will result in immediate and permanent banning of the guilty party. No advertising is allowed here without permission from the Admin.

Please feel free to add topics and participate, thank you and again, welcome to the forum.


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