Paamul just south of PDC

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Paamul just south of PDC

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:23 pm

Paamul is about 15 minutes south of Playa Del Carmen. It is a privately owned beachfront community of Americans and Canadians of the retired age group but still active. There is a hotel, a restaurant, a pool and a dive shop. Paamul began as an RV park and still is to an extent, but as the years passed the people built palapas or large grass roofs over their RV's and trailers. These roofs amazingly do not leak, even in  a hard, driving rain. As time passed the building permits increased allowing people to build solid homes but still with a grass roof. You can buy the home but not the land that it occupies so you pay rent every month which includes electricity, daily garbage pickup, water and sewage. But some people take huge advantage of this by running the AC's wide open even when they are gone for months so the last time I was there the rumor was soon everyone would have an electric meter.
   Paamul is gated with security guards patrolling the property 24/7. The people there are friendly an it is a dog friendly community with shopping nearby.


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